by Dagos

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released May 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Dagos Washington, D.C.

three piece from Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Come Herey Deary
cross before you look both ways
reach my burning hair in flames
you just stare and shrug and stay there something I can't bear

where is this going I am stuck in motion
did you want to lie down maybe it's best we sleep now

do you love me dearly do you love me clearly do you love me rarely do you love me barely
Track Name: Posthumous Me
Please run away, the police have many guns
this town's in need of a priest and a couple nuns
and I'm laughing softly, wishing I could go
my lungs are coughing, hoping that you know

And I know no things that you haven't wept
Away from the foyer that should be swept

Crows are barking on the wire emanate the light
Rode a hearse without a tire through the night

It's gonna hurt
When you freeze alone inside the dessert
Emotionally detached from your shirt
Wasting away on a hill of dirt

I have two lives
one's asleep, one's inside
what i love, is what's above
Track Name: Fabricated Cement
if i meant to watch you die
don't you think i would've said goodbye or no, i don't know
i just need you to hear thee
cause everything i write you is truthful falsities in between

God it's so hard to hear you think
my thoughts drip out from a bottle of ink it's hard

they stuffed my favorite toys into a claw machine, right in front of me, I didn't wanna see
and so i lost all my friends, who met the grimmest of fates, i didn't want to stay awake

now you tell me to cherish what i have, it's a sick game you play on my behalf
think i lost this one, think i'll let it go, when the time comes i'll tell her what i know